About the author
Hany Mina Mikhail

Left: Hany Mina Mikhail 1960's. Middle: Hany and his brother flying one of Hany's model aeroplanes. Right: Hany with daughter Mira and son Fadi.

Hany Mina Mikhail is a Coptic Orthodox Reader in Theology as well as a Consultant in Orthopaedic Surgery and Accident and Emergency Medicine. Hany has been living with his family in the UK since the 1970s and he is now in his 60s. The very happy husband of a lovely wife and father of the most blessed son, daughter and son-in-law, and grandfather to an adorable grandson, Hany is proud to see that his family serve God with their talents: 'from Your Own, O God, we give You'. His daughter is a fantastic doctor happily married to a medical engineer; and his son is an iconographer in the Coptic church. God bless them all, as well as the reader of these words.


Hany studied Theology part-time at the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, IOCS, Cambridge, during his time in the UK. His interest in reading is mentioned in the book's Introduction and the References at the end of the book. His early Christian education was at the hands of the late Bishop Beemen of Mallawy (Kamal Habib) at Saint Mina Church in Shoubra, Cairo.  Hany’s confession father was the late Father Mikhail Ibrahim of Shoubra in the 1970’s, and later with the late Bishop Athanasius of BeniSuef, and the late Father Antonious Amin of Heliopolis until he passed away in 2007.