Books to download

The 370-page Arabic book for full download
in PDF format.

The 262-page book for full download in PDF format

5 Arabic PDF lectures summarising the content of the book 'Divine Justice'

An illustration of the introduction point related to the videos on this subject (see videos on 'God, Sex, Love & Marriage').

A 42-page English summery of the book on Divine Justice

A 1-page English comparison table between Eastern and Westen theology on Salvation, Redemption and Atonement

A 5-page Arabic article (appendix in the Divine Justice book): all 3 Persons of the Trinity participate in the Cross from Eternity to Eternity

A 9-page Arabic commentry on the nature and function of The Cross, by a Coptic Orthodox University professor

A 118-page book on "How to understand the story of Adam and Eve today", by the Lebanese Orthodox teacher Kosta Bandali

A 344-page book by the Catholic Father Henry Bolad